A Step in the Right Direction

A Letter from Me to You


I am a candidate running for Phoenix City Council in District 3. I have a background in administration with large and small companies across several industries. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Literature and Political Science from Northwest University and see the world through a Christian lens. I feel strongly about the need for leaders with integrity representing the people of our great city. 

To start, I want to see fiscal accountability in all city spending matters. City officials should spend your money like it was coming out of their own pocket. One way I would like to see this happen is through more competitive deals being made on city contracts and development projects similar to that of the private sector. There is currently not a bid process for these multi-million and multi-billion-dollar deals, instead these contracts and projects get chosen by preference. By eliminating the overspending, more money could be poured back into community educational programs and the homeless could get the care and mental health assistance needed.  I fully intend on promoting transparency if given the opportunity to be your representative. Additionally, I do not believe increasing your taxes is the only answer when other avenues are available.

I support our Phoenix Police Department and hold a conviction that they deserve our respect for putting their lives on the line every day. The city council, mayor, and my opponent have sent mixed messages on their views of the police department. I want to be clear on where I stand: I am adamantly opposed to the city council's decision to spend millions of dollars allowing residents to  oversee our police officers.  Not only is this a waste of taxpayers money, it results in the decline of faith in the men and women of our police department. We should support those who protect us. 

Another critical issue are small businesses. They are on life support. We should be doing everything in our power to sustain them and see them revitalized. I am also opposed to bailing out large international businesses leaving the taxpayer to foot the bill. Small business is the lifeblood of our community and our economic health, we should treat them as such. 

While our community is always developing and growing, keeping District 3 a family-oriented and prosperous community that thrives on togetherness and camaraderie is something I will always take to heart. I will be an advocate for you and listen to your input in decision making matters.  I am asking for your vote on November 3, 2020. 

Take care, and let's do this together!

Nicole Garcia

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I'd love to have you be a part of my team. Together, we can hold our elected officials accountable and aim for a more prosperous Phoenix.