Nicole Garcia – Your Guide into Arizona Loans

Nicole Garcia is a candidate running for Phoenix City Council in District 3. She has a background in administration with large and small companies across several industries. Nicole holds a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Literature and Political Science from Northwest University and sees the world through a Christian lens. “I feel strongly about the need for leaders with integrity representing the people of our great city” is her most often repeated quote. 

Her primary goal was to see fiscal accountability in all city spending matters. City officials should spend your money like it was coming out of their own pocket. One way Nicole would like to see this happen is through more competitive deals being made on city contracts and development projects similar to that of the private sector. There is currently not a bid process for these multi-million and multi-billion-dollar deals, instead these contracts and projects get chosen by preference. By eliminating the overspending, more money could be poured back into community educational programs and the homeless could get the care and mental health assistance needed.  Nicole Garcia fully intends on promoting transparency if given the opportunity to be Arizona representative. Additionally, she does not believe increasing your taxes is the only answer when other avenues are available.

Another critical issue are small businesses. They are on life support. Nicole believes: “We should be doing everything in our power to sustain them and see them revitalized”. Small business is the lifeblood of Arizona community and economic health.

While our community is always developing and growing, keeping District 3 a family-oriented and prosperous community that thrives on togetherness and camaraderie is something Nicole will always take to heart. That’s why she does herr best to educate Arizona residents on loans and other ways to manage their finances. Everyone deserves prosperity and financially stable life.

Take care, and let’s do this together!

Nicole Garcia